National Peace Day = 3 day WEEKEND

It’s that time of the year again… NATIONAL PEACE DAY.  And it conveniently fell on a Friday, which means -> 3 Day Weekend!

We took the opportunity to get a few day trips in.

On Friday, we went to Lion’s Head Mountain and did some serious hiking.  We knew we’d be hiking, but we didn’t realize it was more like a mountain climb instead of a leisurely hike… Man oh man, was it a hike.  But we got to see gorgeous views over the mountains and the fresh air was amazing in my lungs.

On Saturday, we waited for Jennie to finish working a storytelling event.  Afterwards, we went Hashing… which is this fantastic event that mixes running long distance and drinking lots of beer.

On Sunday, we took a bus trip to Lugang to visit the famous lantern man.  Most famous in all of Taiwan.  We came home with beautiful, hand-painted lanterns with our Chinese names written on them.  We had to wait for a few hours before our lanterns would be finished, so we hit up the day market and got some yummy street food.  Turned out to be a much later day than we anticipated (and colder too).

I’d say we had a pretty productive 3-day weekend.

Our next 3-day weekend (that we turned into 4 days) is April 4-6th.  Conveniently my birthday weekend.  We’ll be beaching it up in Penghu.  Let’s cross our fingers for beautiful sunny weather, unlike last year!

Gotta love February 28th.


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